About Us

Our Commitment

The journey in our commitment to innovating the dog chew industry while honoring and integrating time-tested traditions starts in Central Washington. Yellow Yak partners directly with 3rd generation family-owned dairy farm that was established in 1958. We grow 100% of our own feed and only use the milk from our cows. This ensures that can guarantee our milk is fresh, pure, and 100% USA Made.

Traditional Authenticity

Adhering to the Nepali heritage of our product’s roots, we invited farmers from Nepal to instruct our farmers about the ancient recipe and process that goes into creating the traditional Nepalese chew from the Himalayas. USA Made – Traditional Authenticity.

Together, we produce more than 7000 gallons of milk per day. 48 hours later, this milk is fully converted to cheese and this harvest will yield over 6000lbs of cheese as it begins its drying process to becoming your dog’s favorite long-lasting treat.

A Healthy Alternative

Our proximity to the Central Washington farm allows us to own every step of the quality process from Seed to Feed to Bold. Beautiful. Cheese. Yellow Yak’s core beliefs are built on the fundamentals of Respect and Trust. Thus, we only offer the highest quality dog chews, made from locally sourced ingredients. Our certifications are a testament to these values, fulfilling our responsibility of providing a USA Made chew with traditional Nepali authenticity.

All natural, long lasting, hard smoked cheese
chew for your super chewer

Unique & Delicious Chew

We have specially formulated our cheese dog treats and chews to be lactose free, while keeping all the goodness that milk has to offer.

Quality Chews & Treats

Our chews are made using the highest quality and locally sourced ingredients. Not only are they 100% natural they are long lasting.

Ideal For All Sizes & Ages

Yellow Yak hard cheese chews come in five sizes catering to all breeds: mini, medium, macho, macro, and mixed.

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